Do You Qualify for a Business Cash Advance?

The question is not does your business qualify, it's what cash advance program can Vertical Advance offer you, to satisfy your business's unique working capital need. How much you qualify for differs based on the circumstances, but funding sums usually vary from $5000-$500,000 per business location. Our loan officers can help you find out exactly how soon your business can expect to start receiving working capital, and how much you might qualify for.

Just answer two easy questions.

Has your business been in operation at the same location with the same owners for at least 1 full year?

Does your business process at least $5,000 in monthly credit card and debit card sales?

If you answered YES to both of these questions, there is a real chance that your business meets the demands for a Merchant Cash Advance from Vertical Advance. Call (516) 557-7035 to find out more.

How much could I get?

Your merchant cash advance is based on your business' average monthly credit/debit card transactions and can equal up to 125% of your total monthly sales. Pre-Qualification is based on your business' historical credit card processing volumes and business demographics. This is an invitation to apply (applicants must satisfy certain eligibility requirements) and not a commitment to provide capital. Restrictions apply.

Don't take Credit Cards?

If your business does not take credit cards but still needs a cash advance you may qualify for a Business Cash Advance through ACH of up to $500,000 call (516) 557-7035.