Client Testimonials

“They did exactly what they promised”

- Bruce B., New Jersey

“Thank you for telling us the truth”

- Charles D., Florida

“My credit score was very low…but they approved my business funding anyway”

- Michael M., West Virginia

“My accountant said it was definitely the best deal”

- Lisa L., South Carolina

“I was worried about money… Vertical Advance got me $24,000”

- Sherry B., California

“I did my research and ONLY Vertical Advance told me the truth about how this process works and what it costs”

- Susie K., Maryland

“No pressure at all… only honest answers and lots of helpful information”

- Terrell E., Kentucky

“They approved my renewal request in just 6 hours and the money was in my bank in 24 hours”

- Wendy T., South Carolina